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Debtutante Reviews
Author: Ehlanna
Date: 2008

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by A. Bomire

Basic Story

You play a male character who has fallen on hard times and had to take a loan from a loan shark to get a new car. Unfortunately, as you are going to pay back
the loan your money is stolen from you and you make a deal with the loan shark to provide him with a slut to make up for your missing funds.

Overall Thoughts

This game was originally intended as an entry into a competition for the TFGamesSite.com website. This website (and community) is devoted to games dealing with transgender/transformation - men into women or vice-versa. According to the author, this game just wasn't finished on time for the competition, and so the game was expanded and released in this larger form.

Like all games which come from the TFGames website, this game has an element of transgender/transformation to it, whereby the player can change himself into a
girl during the game (actually, 2 girls). But, he can also change himself back again if he wants, so it isn't a permanent problem. Nor is it forced upon the player either; you make your own decision regarding this option. You can also transform other girls within the game, although they change into different girls and not into men. Most of the game revolves around wandering about town, doing research and obtaining materials in order to accomplish your transformations, and to find/create the slut for the loan shark.

What I liked most about this game wasn't the play or the transformations, it was the humor spread throughout the game. The author does a good job of working in some clever replies to actions by the player, and to provide a variety of options for the player to try. An example is attempting to get away from the thugs who mug you. Some of the options include are quite humorous, such as just flailing wildly at them.

Puzzles/Game Play

The puzzles in this game are fairly straightforward. The author provides plenty of clues as to what you are supposed to do to get started on your quest, and as you proceed enough hints are dropped that you never quite feel like you're in a position where you don't know what to do next - although actually doing it may take some time. I like the idea that the game takes place over several days, reflecting real life situations in doing research at the local library and then studying your research notes. I found it a bit tedious waiting around for the library to open, but you are given an option to skip directly to the time that the library opens so it really isn't that bad. There is money in the game, but if you lose it you are still able to obtain the materials you need by stealing. There is an element of randomness as to whether or not you accomplish your theft, so if you are going to steal then you definitely want to save the game first.


The sex, that I found, was pretty tame. As a RAGS game, there are lots of pictures of naked women, some of them performing sex acts, but hardly any of them are interacting with you (the player). If you decide to opt to turn yourself into a woman, then some more options become available, but it is still move visually oriented than textually well described.


There are the normal amounts of typos and misspellings scattered throughout the text of the game, although one or two scenes seemed to be rife with them. I never got stuck (except when expected to, such as working on a puzzle), and the game didn't lock up on me. As is typical with RAGS games, you may need to download the current version of RAGS to play the game correctly. At the time of this writing, it is version

Final Thoughts

As transgender/transformation games go, this one is pretty tame compared to some of the others from the TFGames group. As such, the average AIF player will probably enjoy it more than some of the other games from that site. The game is not bad as a puzzle game, but if you are looking for hot sex, other than some pictures, then you might be disappointed.

Rating: C+

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