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Beethro’s Text Adventure Reviews
Author: Sokko
Date: 2004

Reviewed By ralphmerridew

From the blurb: "Although labeled a ’demo’, "Beethro’s Text Adventure" is a complete and fully playable subset of a much larger adventure ( I view it as a prequel ). In fact, with 40 rooms, 7 characters, 51 objects, and full hints, this game is larger and more developed than many ’complete’ ADRIFT adventures."

Can it live up to that? Of the 40 rooms, there are 15 for which you have no reason to even enter, 11 more which are just flyover territory, and 4 which are only involved in optional puzzles.

Puzzles have one solution, generally a matter of picking up the right object that's lying in some room, and USE it in the appropriate location. Little or no thought was given to close tries or alternate solution: At one point the player needs to use a crowbar as a lever; trying to use your sword as a lever simply fails; even a message along the lines of "That would probably damage the sword." would be better. The player needs a hammer at another point, but searching the tools in his house doesn't have a response.

Objects and characters will appear in rooms when they are needed; characters disappear when they are no longer needed.

Of the 7 characters, only the supergoblin was implemented beyond a description and "talk to" tasks.

On the plus side, text written directly by the author is competently done. (Game generated text is sometimes in the wrong tense, such as "Beethro take the sword." instead of "Beethro takes the sword." ALR work could have fixed this up.)

In short, this game would be greatly improved if the unimportant parts were cut out and the important parts better developed.


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