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A Difficult Puzzle
Author: Kenneth Pedersen
Date: 2021

 Reviewed by P/o Prune

As the header says: This game is tough and annoyingly addictive. It seems easy enough but if you don't concentrate you can find yourself in a pickle.
Having said that, I must hurry and emphasize that this is by no means a bad thing. The game is intriguing and you will probably end up, just like me, wanting to beat the game just because.

Reviewed by Lumin

I have not yet been able to complete this, but as far as games designed around a central puzzle go it's a great example. I managed to get one lock open and figure out how the book and rooms interacted, so it's only a matter of the time. IMO a game doesn't need a lot of explanation when there's just a few factors in play that affect things in predictable way.

I will continue to deliberately snub the fairy. I don't need her.

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