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3 Minutes to Live Reviews
Author: Ren
Date: 2006

Comments on Adrift Forum

Game segfaulted using SCARE immediately. NaN.

The beggining really captured me and i love the 'three minuets to live' header i will have to ask how Ren did that. The game implied a complete tense/fear atmosphere and i have never been gripped by such a short game. Kudos to ren (my favourite ;) hmmm do i lower score if the game is toooo hard? 8.

After getting some help I was able to free myself, but as I'm not good at puzzles, I never would've gotten it on my own. I figured I needed to somehow get the coroner's hand on the scanner to open the locker or something, but had to get more help. Then I needed further help (a walkthrough) to sort out the gambling puzzles. I still don't know how the cards relate to the numbers (the Jack is card no.11, and is red, not pink; the Ace is card no.1 - the two together add up to 12 which doesn't make sense either). Also, putting them 'in' the divot was tricky - I tried putting cards 'on' it, and was confused when it wouldn't work. Setting the dice the right way up I should have realised, but with all the other confusion I didn't realise the point was to set the games up, not try to play them. After setting up all the games correctly, the walkthrough said to press the button - but there was no button to press. After getting the full walkthrough, and following it to the letter, I realised I probably put the dice down in the wrong order. There are definitely possibilities for this game as a full size adventure, if the bugs are ironed out, hints given, and a bit more back story and options for staying on. 5.

I think this game required a more detailed introduction and ending. Who was the main character? Why were those people letting him live?
What did the "hero" do that was so special? I looked into the generator (yes, with the password) but I didn't find a better ending in the other choice either. Some pretty good puzzles though. 5.

Only one of two games (the other was by the same author as well) that I didn't have a clue what to do with. The "lean" command is hardly an obvious one and I spent good five minutes keying in commands right at the start of the game and not getting anywhere, all the time wondering if the author hadn't had enough time to check whether the first puzzle in the game could even be completed. Armed with a few hints from the forum, I managed to get further but my enthusiasm for the game were already dampened by my earlier struggling with it. Starting a game where the player is tied up and can't see a game isn't a good way for a game to start. 4.

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