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Chapter 3.3 - Variables

To bring up the Variables dialogue box, select Adventure > Advanced... from the menus, and click on the Variables tab.

To add a variable, click on Add, or right click and select Add Variable.  This will bring up the following box;

You must define a name for the variable, and an initial value, then click OK.

Variables can be used to store values in your game.  You can change the value in tasks to exact values, change the current value by a certain value, set the value to a random value between two values, change the current value by a random value between two values, or change it to a referenced number.

In a task restriction, you can ensure that the referenced number, or the value of another variable, is less than, less than or equal to, equal to, greater than or equal to, or greater than another variable or an exact number.  You can also set variables to complex mathematical expressions.  (See details in task actions section).

See the section on ADRIFT Language Resource files for details of how to create text variables.

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