Richard Otter

Release 5

For the first time in living memory, the lighthouse on the Croxton Rock was in darkness.

You have been the harbour master at Tolleth for over 10 years and have never seen anything like this; the light did not shine out through the night. From the harbour wall you kept watch from early evening until very late into the night, but the lighthouse remained dark.

When the morning finally came you tried calling the lighthouse on the radio , but received no answer. You made contact with the authorities but they will not be able to send anyone until tomorrow. As the weather looked good and the water relatively calm you took the decision to go over to see what was wrong. Care was needed as it is nearly five miles to Croxton Rock, with the fishing fleet away you only had your little rowing boat with the broken engine.

The lighthouse is manned by three keepers at any one time and John Collins, Albert Taylor and William 'Tosh' Graham are the current keepers. You saw them only last week when you took over mail and supplies.

Now, after a very long row you have just tied up at the lighthouse jetty.

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