Word of the Day


IF Comp 2017: 13th place out of 79 games

In this game you are Kareene Veet, an ambitious young female from the Outer World of Mirus. Dreaming of the stars from an early age, and encouraged by your grandmother, you left your home-world at the first opportunity to live amongst the Inner Worlders.

Gaining a position at the Engineering College on Tallac was something few from the Outer Worlds had ever accomplished. Four cycles later, with your normal single-minded dedication, you achieved the required Solar System certificate at graduation. This allowed you to gain the coveted Bio-drive engineer level 5 award. Then to get an appointment on the engineering team aboard the cargo vessel 'Word of the Day' was just beyond your wildest dreams. It is true that 'Word' is only a Liter class (the lowest), but it is still a Bio-drive class vessel. No one from the Outer Worlds ever achieved so much.

Since graduating from the college only one thing has been on your mind, to amass wealth. Now, in just three cycles, you nearly have enough credits to purchase the right to procreate. With the bonus from this trip and then just one more assignment, your fund will be complete.

If you can complete this assignment first.


Authors Notes:

This is my first real full size Inform game.  It was intended to have a lot of background story, although the game itself is fairly straightforward.  It can be completed without knowing everything about the world.  The game does have several endings, both good and bad.

Update: Managed 13th place out of 79 games!