2nd place in the Spring Thing 2009


With amnesia it is quite possible to have a complete or partial loss of memory, but this isn't like that. It is not that you can't remember who you are or anything about your life, you have no thoughts what-so-ever. Your mind is totally blank, as if it has been completely wiped clean. You seem to have no personality, no memories, no feelings; nothing. It is almost as if you do not actually exist and are just an empty shell.

You are also not wearing any clothes, but far form being worried by your own nakedness you have no thoughts about it at all. It is just part of the nothingness.

How did you arrive? You do not know. Where did you travel from? You do not know. What do you need to achieve? You have no idea, no idea at all.

Yet more badly written interactive fiction or does it all have some meaning?

Authors Notes:
After a long break from writing anything worthwhile I decided to restart a game underway for a couple of years. 

It is based loosely on some of the locations, characters and objectives from my back catalogue of games.  Mixing the different styles of the various games into one game gave me a problem from the start.  So, I decided to try and make that part of the game.  Locations, settings, characters etc which do not fit properly together. More badly written IF. I would probably been well advised to drop the idea (actually I think I was).  But, I liked the idea.  Breaking the fourth wall, daring to mention that you are playing IF, locations from my own games.  All great crimes.

My original plan was to release it in one of the ADRIFT competitions that happen throughout the year, normally.  The whole ADRIFT scene is a little dead at the moment, so I decided to have a go at the Spring Thing. Should be good for a laugh I thought!

From the reviews I seen so far I don't think the SpringThing players got the idea behind the game, or if they did they didn't really like it!  Oh well, I guess I better try something else for next years comp.  :-)