Unauthorized Termination


10th place in the IFComp 2006

Joint 1st place in the InsideAdrift End Of Year Comp 2006

Finalist in the XYZZY Awards 2006, Best Setting


You are a senior investigator with the police force of what is basically a totalitarian state. On a world where nearly all forms of crime are punishable by execution, you have been called on to investigate someone who has been unlawfully killed. From the initial investigation it clearly looks like an accident and your superior is very keen for you to close the case. You decide to dig a little deeper and it is then that you uncover something that should probably have been better left hidden.

Authors Notes:

I had the original idea for this game a long time ago.  A world of robots, who are just starting to gain some form of individuality.  So religion, politics, possessions all form part of the world that you occupy.

The game turned out a little more linear that I had hoped. I was extremely pleased to break into the IFComp top ten and then to be nominated in the XYZZY awards. Termination is one of the few ADRIFT games to do either. 

I am planning a to write a sequel to Unauthorized.