Ticket to No Where


5th in the InsideAdrift Summer Minicomp 2004

About the Game:

In the race of life you never seem to even get on the starting blocks. 

Once again you have slept through your alarm clock, missed your shower, didn't have time for breakfast, couldn't get the car to start, missed the only bus and failed to get a taxi.

You have probably the most important meeting of your life today with John Tailer of Broke Brothers. John is considering buying his pencils and other stationary from Super Stationary rather than your company. Broke Brothers are your last big customer so you desperately need to get to his office at Grantby by 4.00pm.

You now only have one option left and that is to use the train, so you run to the railway station.

You now find yourself (out of breath and sweating badly) at Coltby Railway Station. Coltby has just been voted the winner in the all time worst top 100 railway stations poll. It has actually won this award three years running.

Guess what? you have missed the train to Grantby.

The objective ? you must meet with John Tailer today by 4.00pm.

Authors Notes:
Ticket was my very first game written after stumbling across Interactive Fiction one day.  I actually found the ADRIFT website and it got me hooked. 

The station is actually based very loosely on a real location and the game hints at my many hours of waiting for trains that are late or just never arrive.

The game contains several faults, which came out in the reviews.  The first is that it is a little too hard and some of the puzzles are basically rubbish.  A real sin is that it is possible to put it into a 'no win' situation.

It didn't do that well in the competition, only beating a half finished game! But, I was very pleased with it. Trains roll in, out and through the station.