1st in the InsideAdrift Summer Comp 2005

InsideADRIFT Awards 2005: winner of "Best in game implementation"

Some people are happy working in an office, some become taxi cab drivers and some people will even teach. You are none of those; you are a 'lone-wolf gunmen who likes to maintain a low profile' or professional killer.

You are in your mid-40's with all the usual respectable trappings such as a nice house, good job, wife and two children. Considered to be a soft-spoken intellectual, in your spare time you have a passion for reading and your favourite pastime is cultivating shrubs and flowers. 

You have always prided yourself on an ability to get the job done and to give value for money. In fact you have a very good reputation of getting the job done, no matter how complicated or difficult. Years of military training and discipline have honed the skills needed to execute a hit efficiently and dispassionately. So when the next piece of work comes in you quickly accept, especially when you have seen the fee.

A sheet of paper has just arrived with the target details; one poor soul is about to get taken out.


Authors notes:

The idea behind the game is each time it is played it is different. A very grand idea, which had to be scaled down to certain key facts.

It took some much time to code all the things which change in the game, most which are fairly minor, it didn't leave anytime to put much of a game underneath. To my great surprise the game actually won the Summer Comp. I really expected it to come last.

The in-game walkthru changes each time the game is played.