So, What Do I Think?

I have reviewed the following ADRIFT games.

Back Home by James Webb (as revgiblet)

The Cave of Wonders by Campbell Wild

Dragonsphere by Kameetrei

Druggy Lane by MEPDB

Escape from Camelot by Laura T

The Haunted House by Campbell Wild

House Of The Damned by Sam McCall 

Igor by Ian Thomson

Laboratory R.A.T.S. by C Henshaw

Outside by Matt Ingrey

Rock Band: Revenge of Gigantor! by Rob Roy (Metron4)

Space Detective by Karmo Talts

The Successor by Eric Anderson (Hensman Int'l)

Surburban Prodigy by Mike Desert

The Time Machine by Richard Anderson

A View to a Home by Anjan Chakrabati

Whitterscap's Key by Duncan Bowsman