So, What Do I Recommend?

This is a list of games that I like, by some of my favourite ADRIFT authors.

The Evil Chicken Of Doom by Mel S; 2002
ADRIFT 1st One Hour Comp 2002 entry.

The was an entry in first of the one hour competitions that sometimes spring up on the ADRIFT forum.  Absolutely nothing but nothing sophisticated about it but it made me laugh the first time I played.
Score: 2 Otters

A Fine Day for Reaping by James Webb (revgiblet)
; 2007
IF Comp 2007: 7th place of 27 entries.
InsideADRIFT Game of the Year Comp 2007: 1st place of 6 entries.
XYZZY Awards 2007: Winner of Best Story. Also, finalist for Best Individual PC (Death).

As the Grim Reaper it is your job to usher five difficult souls into the here-after. Obviously inspired by Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels - here death has a lisp. Humour in IF is difficult to pull off but I think this game manages it. Little bit more testing would have helped but even so I heartily recommend this game to everyone.
Score: 4 Otters

Frustrated Interviewee by Robert Street
; 2005
ADRIFT Spring Comp 2005: joint 1st place.
InsideADRIFT End of Year Comp 2005: joint 5th place.

A game about a job interview? Doesn't sound very promising does it? The first part of the game is basically wandering around your living area at university. But then you get into the second part of the work, a typical fantasy game. As with all this authors work this game is original and well written.
Score: 3 Otters

To Hell in a Hamper by Jason Guest
; 2003
ADRIFT Spring Comp 2003: 1st Place
ADRIFT End Of Year Comp 2003: 1st Place.
InsideADRIFT Awards 2003: winner "Best Game", "Best Small Game" and "Most Original Plot/Setting".

This has got to be one of the best ADRIFT games of all time, and all set in one location.  The author has managed to pack so much into one location.
Score: 5 Otters

The Magic Show by Jason Mac Innes; 2004
This is actually one of my top five favourite games.  It has a unique plot and clever puzzles. Not only that it was the authors first game.
Recommendation: play this game!
Score: 4 Otters

Paint!!! by David Whyld; 2004
InsideADRIFT End of Year Comp 2004: 1st Place.
InsideADRIFT Awards 2004: Game of the Year

This is another brilliant one room game.  It seems to have everything from dozy painters to meteors and even manages great replay value.
Score: 5 Otters

The Reluctant Resurrectee by David Whyld; 2007
Spring Thing 2007: 2nd place of 4 entries.
InsideADRIFT Game of the Year Comp 2007: 2nd place of 6 entries.
XYZZY Awards 2007: Finalist for Best Individual PC (the king).

It is always fun when a game has an unusual player character and here you are an eyeball. The obviously results in a number of unusual puzzles based on the physical nature of being round. I loved the humour through out the game and found the puzzles just about right.
Score: 4 Otters

Requiem by David Whyld
; 2006
IF Comp 2006: 19th place

In my view this game was completely under scored in the IF Comp of 2006.  It is a supernatural time travelling thriller with multiple game endings.  With characters and objects that are very well implemented it has great replay value.
Score: 4 Otters

Veteran Knowledge by Robert Street
; 2005
InsideADRIFT End of Year Comp 2005: joint 9th place.

The author entered the first version of this game (Veteran Experience) in one of the three hour competitions during 2004.  The author then completely revamped the competition entry expanding everything possible.  An entertaining game.
Score: 3 Otters

Wax Worx by Eric Mayer; 2004
ADRIFT Spring Comp 2004: 3rd place
ADRIFT End of Year Comp 2004: 2nd place (tie)
InsideADRIFT Awards 2004: Most unusual setting/plot

The game begins with the all time IF classic opening 'waking up in a strange location with amnesia'.  The objective is another stable of the IF world, 'escape'.   The first time I played I thought it was a well-balanced story and very engrossing, and I still do.
Score: 4 Otters

Delron Scoring System:

5 Otters: Brilliant games, must play.
4 Otters: Great game with a few flaws.
3 Otters: Okay game, many flaws but you should play it.
2 Otters: Not the best game in the world, worth a look.
1 Otters: Hmmm, well the author had a go I suppose.
0 Otters: Give it a miss.

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