The Puzzle Box


One Room Game Competition 2007: 8th place
InsideADRIFT Game of the Year Comp 2007: Joint 3rd place

The old house on Sycamore Street has been many things in its long history. Once upon a time it was a finishing school for rich young ladies. Later it become a brothel for rich young gentlemen. In recent memory it has been a guest house and then an old people's home. The property is currently for sale.

Through it all, this house held a dark secret.

If people spoke at all about the house, they looked about in quick movements and spoke in hushed tones. They would tell of a long corridor at the very top of the house. A corridor with a locked door at the end; a locked door with no key. Of the room beyond the locked door; a room with only one door and no window. A room with a dark secret.


Authors Notes:

I have always fancied having a go at a one room game but up until recently have been busy on other ADRIFT projects.  I lost interest in ADRIFT earlier this year and to get myself back into it thought I'd have a good at the One Room Game Competition.

The game only came 8th in the One Room contest but two good points came out of this.  First, people played my game! Second, I received feedback! Basically this was not a very popular game. I think the general idea was good but I should have varied the puzzles with other challenges around the room.

The game could well be my last ADRIFT project, but who knows I might change my mind.