Pathway to Destruction

Version 1, 25-Sep-2005, ADRIFT V4

1st in the Finish the Game Comp 2005

Joint 9th in InsideADRIFT End of Year Comp 2005

Version 2, 11-May-2008, Z-Code Z8

A Z-Code version released, written using Inform 7.

You have worked at the Institute of Transportation for nearly five years. As one of the engineering team in the Research and Development section, it is considered a highly respected position and is particularly well paid. In recent years it has become even more important, as with a growing population the global transport system is struggling to cope. A complete collapse has been predicted in a little under five years' time.

You are currently working on the Pathway project which is a new developmental Rapid Transit System (RTS). This holds out the promise of fast, efficient and cheap travel. You do not fully understand the science behind it but it has something to do with particles, magnetism and time travel. Basically, you arrive at your destination the exact same moment you leave your starting point.

The initial trials have been extremely promising and the first long distance test is now underway. The intent was for you to be 'particled' (as it is called) from one side of the planet to the other and then back again. They strapped you into a chair situated in the centre of the testing chamber and the senior technician on the project gave you the thumbs up sign from the control room. First your hands and feet started to tingle, then your vision blurred, then... nothing.

Authors Notes:

Written as an entry in David Whyld's
Finish the Game Comp, the original source matter didn't really shout Sci-Fi to me at first.  But, once the idea came to me the game almost wrote itself.

I think it is a great little game. It gets around the usual wooden NPC's problem by not having any!

After a period of IF inactivity during late 2007 and early 2008 I decided that the ADRIFT scene had little interest for me.  So, I decided to have a go of porting this game to Z-Code Z8 using Inform 7.  The game was completely rewritten so rather than just a port I consider it to be a Version 2.

The source code is here.


Adrift Version 1


Z-Code Z8 Version 2