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  • 14.10.2011

    Delron website is given a major revamp.

    So, What Have I Created?

    Out of curiosity really, in 2008 I ported Pathway to Destruction to Z-Code 8 using Inform 7.  This was quite a battle as my programming skills are a little on the poor side to say the least


    Word of the Day
    v1 (31kb), September 2017,
    Created with Inform 7, IFComp competition entry.

    Feeling brave again I entered my second original Inform 7 game into the IFComp 2017!


    Pathway To Destruction
    v2 (31kb), May 2008, Created with Z-Code Z8 using Inform 7

    The source code is here.

    Feeling brave I entered my first original Inform 7 game into the ParserComp 2015!

    v2 (555kb), Feb 2015, Created with Gluxe using Inform 7