We Are Coming To Get You


3rd in the Woodfish 2nd 3 Hour Competition 2004


It really is so much fun being a germ. Not only do you travel the world from one flesh-sack to another, you get to meet your millions of relatives and breed. You have never been that sure what infection you are, but you are pretty sure it is something really nasty. Yes, you really can't beat being a germ.

Only this morning you began a new adventure, when your flesh-sack sneezed you onto the hand of another. Unfortunately you couldn't get through the skin and had nearly given up hope. When, your victim got a tiny cut on its hand poor thing! 

Your objective? Infect every location you can find and then escape. How to infect? Find a weak point and 'infect' away.

Authors Notes:

This was written for one of the crazy 3 hour competitions that spring up on the ADRIFT site from time to time.  It was my first go at creating a game in a limited time.  This does not suit my normal writing style.

I have no idea how I arrived at the concept for this game.  But, I really like the thought of not using the traditional north, east, south... for movement.

Didn't do as well as I had hoped.