Fire In The Blood



Joint 1st in InsideADRIFT Spring Comp 2005

Joint 3rd in InsideAdrift End Of Year Comp 2005


Since that night your life has seemed like a living dream or to be more accurate a living nightmare. Coming home and finding her like that, her still form lying in your lounge.

Even now, two months later, you still can't come to terms with what has happened. Assault, murder, rape are only words, just words. But those words ended your world.

You are now standing before your dear wife's grave stone, a single red rose in your pocket. Each anniversary you always gave her a rose and although she is not here today will be no different.

From the evidence it appears that about four people must have been involved. The police questioned one man but needed to let him go due to lack of evidence, they wouldn't let you know his name. In your pocket is a piece of paper with a single name on it, passed to you by a good friend at the police station.

Now, two thoughts are on your mind, find out who did this and then make them pay.

Authors Notes:

I'm not really sure of why I wrote this game or how the idea came to me.  I wanted to create something a little darker than my usually stuff.  In my view it more like a traditional adventure game than modern IF.

The game still show problems with wooden non-player characters.