Escape To New York


11th place in the IFComp 2005

Joint 3rd in InsideADRIFT End of Year Comp 2005

InsideADRIFT Awards 2005: joint winner "Most unusual ADRIFT setting/plot of the year"


Your name is Jack Thompson and you are, for want of a better word, a thief. On your latest adventure you have managed to acquire Johnson's 'The Willow Tree', which is worth more than you will be able to spend in a lifetime. With a buyer in New York you need to get there by Thursday 18th April, and as this is 1912 you have booked passage on a ship due to sail on Wednesday 10th April. All being well you should get to New York in plenty of time.

Unfortunately, someone must have squealed on you and before you can get to the ship the police arrive; luck being on your side you just managed to escape. You allow yourself a small smile at the good sense you had to send the 'goods' onto the ship by mail. Your parcel will now be sitting safely in the mailroom of the ship.

Deciding not to go directly to Southampton, as it must be crawling with police, your plan is to try to get over to Ireland and catch the ship there. It will be a close run thing but you should be able to do it. Once again luck is on your side and you just managed to board the ship before it sailed from Queenstown (Ireland now called Cobh) at 2.00pm. The date is Thursday 11th April.

With an uneasy feeling that someone followed you onto the ship, you have been hiding in your cabin as much as possible. Now it is Sunday 14th April 10.30pm and you finally work up the courage to leave your cabin, at this time of night fewer people should be about.

Objectives? Get 'your' painting out of the mailroom, avoid capture and leave the ship as soon as possible. So, the first thing to do is work out how to find your parcel and then how to get it.

Authors Notes:

I have been a lifelong Titanic addict and since getting back into IF have always wanted to write a game around the great ship. Why the interest? It was mainly the tragedy and also the engineering. Later I discovered that my namesake, Richard Otter, actually sailed on the ship.

I decided to set the game in different parts of the ship from those usually portrayed in the films.  So, the game is based loosely in the second class areas of the ship. 

The name Titanic is not mentioned in the game. I was trying to make it just a backdrop to the real game.

I was very disappointed that I missed a non-fatal bug which was discovered during the IFComp. But, it didn't seem to damaged its placing too much. I was very pleased to come 12th on my first entry in this competition.