Dancing Even Him?


6th place in Hourglass Competition 2006

You enjoyed the party at your friends Tom and Clare last night, good food, plenty to drink and loads of chat. You can't remember what fool suggested they get the quija board out and then if that wasn't bad enough it moved onto a s├ęance.

You felt such a fool sitting round the table, the eight of you holding hands. With nothing but the gentle flicker of candlelight illuminating the faces you started to feel queasy. Too much food and drink you thought.

When you finally got to bed you started having some really weird dreams. You wake with a jolt. 

You are not in bed, you are not even in your bedroom. You appear to be in a darkened high sided room with a light source high above your head. The floor seems to be made up of very large round objects piled on top of each other.

Authors Notes:

A silly little game written for one of the Adrift three hour competitions (the game must be written in 3 hours!). 

I had the idea for this game a long time ago but couldn't work out how to make a game around it.  So, when the hourglass competition came along I decided to use it.