The Blank Wall


V5 Intro Comp 2012: 1st place

When all the others had given up, you carried on. Everyone told you to call it a day; your boss, your colleagues, your family, your friends. Everyone said the same, he had escaped. But, you didn't listen to any of them. What did they know or care?

The media just loved the whole thing of course - ritual murders, pagan practices, satanic sacrifices; it all sounded so sensational. It was nothing more than murder, rape and torture; to you he was just an evil minded monster.

So, through many long hours and even longer days you watched and waited. The weather started to turn colder with that early winter chill, but it was not as cold as the feelings in your heart.

And then your dedication finally paid off. Just after 8.00pm on a Saturday evening, at the end of a very long shift, you spotted something moving inside and almost immediately someone appeared at the front door. Not sure at first, was it him? You look carefully, oh so carefully, you must be sure. It is him!

He must have had a hiding place somewhere in the building and has been waiting for the right opportunity to run. You have anticipated this moment for such a long time, but you have no reason to rush. He looks furtively around and then slips out of the building. So, you follow. You are not sure but it looks like he is holding a small bag but in this light it is not easy to tell. He really must believe he has got away with it as he is so easy to shadow.

He doesn't go very far, only a few miles to an abandoned railway station. Standing at the old ticket hall entrance he pauses for a moment and looks around. He glances in your direction and you imagine he might have seen you. He swings around and quickly enters the derelict station.

You have him now!

Authors Notes:

I decided to have a go at learning ADRIFT V5 and so entered the V5 Intro Comp 2012.  And I WON!