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Village of Love and Lust Walkthru
Author: Deckmaster  
Date: 2005

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

1. Manna
She will give you a bottle of wine on day one, if you go 'west' and 'in', then talk to her. Later in the game, spen time talking to both Manna and Duke. (Her husband) She will tell you that she is always alone on Duke's drinking night.
(Wednesday 9:00 PM) You can do everything except coitus. (Vaginal or Anal) Any attempt at coitus will result in Duke returning and 'discovering' the two of you. Your relationship with Duke will drop to Level negative ten, (-10) and Manna will reject further advances till you make up with Duke.

2. Anna
She is a constant tease and will hint at a date 'maybe', she is doing the 'Doctor' while Basil (Her husband) is doing Sasha in 'Jeff and Sasha's bedroom'. Bring you relationship level to around 40+, and visit her when the Doctor is
with her. Bring your relationship level with the Doctor to the same as Anna's. Both Sasha and Anna seem (At this time) to be only available in a threesome with Basil and the Doctor, respectively. Though you can get Sasha alone on her rest day, (Tuesday) if you work hard at it.

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