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Rakish Walkthru
Author: by Nigel Downes
Date: 1998

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

Walkthru by Anon

The introductory paragraph says it best, so here it is:

In this adventure you take the role of a flirtatious and somewhat notorious english nobleman on holiday in France. As well as all the typical Adventure commands (Take, Give, Examine, Look) you may well need some slightly less obvious instructions (especially those regarding the fairer sex...). One other point to bear in mind, Gentlemen may Fence but they rarely simply Attack. On with the show....

A few things not mentioned in this paragraph are two very important commands. The first is common in TADS games, which is "TALK TO X" where X is a character name. With this command, you can figure out the game and complete it, but most likely not score above 50/100 points.

The second is a special command for this game, that being "SPANK X", where X is again a character name. With these two commands you should be able to complete the game with a full score of 100 points...

(Darcy's Home)

take letter
read letter

(The Crypt)

open coffin
take key

(Outside the Cardinal's Residence)
talk to claude (until you read the "cat" responses)


unlock cabinet {flirt with, then spank countess when you see her}
open cabinet
take book
read book

(Throne Room)
give silk drawers to king

(Tavern Yard)

open bin
take bottle
open chest
take dildo {Give dildo to Alicia when you see her}

(Apothecary's Shop)

talk to alchemist (until you read the "potion" and "if only" responses)
give book
give bottle

(Upper floor of Tower)

give bottle to guard

(Queen's Bedroom)

talk to queen


talk to cat (until you read the "learn" and "bauble" responses)
spank cat
give brooch to cat

(Outside the Cardinal's Residence)

fight claude

(Cardinal's Study)

take book
open desk drawer
take garter, note

(Queen's Bedroom)

{You should have 65/100 points here.}

give garter to queen

{You should have 100/100 points here.}


spanking the queen?
giving the dildo to the alchemist?
spanking Alicia?

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