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Practice Policy Walkthru
Author: Sly Dog
Date: 2003

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not to read further.

The game does allow some variation in order (e.g. you can either do the scene with Claire first or watch Emma through the indoor window first) and some of these have synonyms.

talk to Emma
talk to Claire
talk to brutus

In the corridoor
say hello to emma

in reception
look through window
look at Emma
look at Brutus
look at Emma
look at Emma
look at Emma

in the receptionists office
talk to Emma
look at Emma
talk to Emma

in the prep room
open the drug cabinet
open the bottle of pills
eat pill
put pill in the cup
give cup to Claire

in the changing room
give dogfood to Brutus

in the kennels
put Brutus in large cage

In the prep room
tell Claire about cheques
claire kiss me
rub claire's tits
rub claire's tits
Claire remove dress
claire dance
use CD player
use CD player
Claire rub tits
Claire rub ass
Claire rub pussy
Claire remove panties
lick Claire's tits
lick Claire's pussy
claire sit on counter
Claire follow me

in the OR
put stirrups on operating table
claire lie on table
x claire's pussy
lick claire's pussy
finger claire's pussy
claire suck cock

in reception after the scene with claire
tell Emma about Claire

In the changing room after the scene with Claire and when you have told Emma about Claire
Look through keyhole
look at girls
look at girls
look at claire
look at girls
x girls
x girls
look at emma's underwear
look at the girls
brutus follow me
put pill in dogfood
Give dogfood to brutus

In the receptionists office after the shower scene

tell emma about brutus
tell emma about her and claire

In the OR after tell emma about her and claire
talk to girls
emma strip
look at emma
claire strip
claire strip emma
look at emma
emma kiss claire
emma hug claire
claire rub emma's tits
emma rub claire's tits
emma lick claire's tits
look at claire
claire lick emma's tits
Look at emma
claire rub emma's ass
claire rub emma's pussy
emma rub claire's pussy
emma finger claire's pussy
claire finger emma's pussy
claire lick emma's pussy
emma lick claire's pussy
claire spank emma
emma spank claire
claire lick emma's pussy
claire finger emma's pussy
emma spank claire
claire lie on table
emma finger claire's pussy
fuck claire
fuck claire's tits
kiss Emma
rub Emma's tits
lick emma's pussy

in the changing room
search Emma's dress

back in the OR
fuck emma's ass
(repeat this if you want to lose)
fuck Emma


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