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Drive-In Walkthru
Author: Douglas C. Rogers
Date: 1982

This is a small solution written by Gabriel for "Drive-In" - C64

leave car
go snack
go count
open bill
buy cola
go mens
buy rubber
go car
radio on
loudspeaker off
go back
call andrea
hold hands - (she comes closer)
put arm - next question is around what, answer with...
kiss neck
kiss neck
lick ear
blow ear
kiss lips
kiss lips
kiss lips - she uses her tongue
finger halter
finger halter
now try some different things like kiss her lips or rub her arm, after a little while you can
remove halter
play tits
kiss tits
suck tits
suck tits - after a little while her nipples start to get hard
rub tummy
remove shirt
remove shorts - now she's just in panties
rub legs
kiss legs - she's really turned on
rub panties
remove panties
remove slacks
rub cunt
finger cunt
lick cunt
remove briefs - she likes what she sees
use rubber
now try to lick and finger her until you can suck her (it could take a while)
...suck cunt
suck cunt
fuck cunt
suck, finger and fuck her cunt up to the point you can...
...fuck andrea
at first she says no
fuck andrea

Congratulations you're done!!!!


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