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Sibling Seduction Reviews
Author: LordYoni
Date: 2010

Reviewed by A. Bomire

Game Play

This game is a basic "treasure hunt". There are several objects that you need to find, located throughout the home. Once you do, you bring them back to the room your sister is in and use them in an appropriate manner.


Your sister is remarkably accepting of your advances, if you have satisfied her romantic desires, of course. The sexual scenes are nothing special. They aren't bad; they just aren't particularly well written, either.


The game has no major faults, although there are quite a few minor ones. Misspellings and grammatical errors abound. Your sexual actions with your sister are dependent upon you finding all of the "treasure items" (i.e., items that will get your sister into a romantic mood), but there is no indication of what they are or when you are missing one - other than your sister rejecting your advances.

Final Thoughts

This game is a classic first game, with the typical signs of a first-time author: misspellings, grammar errors, and simplistic plot. Hopefully, LordYoni can take the lessons learned from authoring this game and come back again with a better offering.

Reviewed by Rip_CPU


A basic concept. Guy wants to sleep with his sister. Hardly unfamiliar territory for AIF games, and while it's not everyone's cup of tea it isn't too shocking or taboo. The execution of the concept is very flawed, I'm afraid. More on that later.

Game Play

The puzzles of the game are fairly old school AIF type puzzles, wherein you have to find a variety of different objects and them simply use them one at a time. For the most part it's uncomplicated, although some objects may be harder to find than others.


There are no game breaking bugs, although there are quite a few bugs here and there. Objects or body parts may need to be referred to by a different phrase than as described, that sort of thing. But more glaring than the bugs are the writing and grammatical errors all over the place. Spelling, punctuational, capitalization, spacing... there are many of these errors in the INTRODUCTION alone. It makes the game feel very sloppy.


Terrible. Not because of the incest angle, but because we have no idea WHY the unnamed PC decides to just now go after his little sister. The sister isn't particularly interesting in any special way, and it wasn't as if she was in a particularly arousing situation when we first meet her (ie, just stepping out of the shower in only a towel). She has all the personality of a piece of cardboard, with a few cliches about girls enjoying chocolate and fireplaces and candles tacked on. This makes the sex dull and uninteresting, and given that this game is only focused upon the sex...

Final Thoughts

Poor writing and an absolute lack of characterization makes this the weakest of all the entries this year. There is simply nothing in this game that is unique or interesting, from the scenario to the puzzles to the characters.

Reviewed by Purple Dragon

Game Play

The game play here is a classic treasure hunt. Find the right items, do the right things with them, and the sex is unlocked. It would be nice if there was some indication of exactly what you needed to find to unlock the full scene. If you're missing an object you can get part of the way through it (which I like better than having to get everything first, it just makes more sense to me this way) but then you hit a wall. While it wouldn't be the easiest thing to implement, a hint at that point as to what you are missing would be nice.


There are quite a few typos, etc in the game, which shows just how important beta testers can be. The game is fairly simple, but there are really only a couple of other larger problems, and none of them are game-killing. My biggest gripe is that “touch” and “rub” when related to bodyparts are not always treated as synonyms, which is annoying, but not a particularly big deal once you are aware of the fact.


The sex in the game was pretty decent. Not outstanding, but it certainly had its moments. As long as you have all those objects I mentioned above before you started it allows you to progress through the scene at your own pace.

Of course, there are the questions of why the PC is so interested in his sister, and why she is so accepting of his advances, but for the moment I willing to chalk the answers to those up to, “because it's an AIF game, dammit!” and leave it at that.

Final Thoughts

The subject matter (the sexual interest being your underage sister) will obviously not appeal to everyone. However, if nothing else, this game shows us that all games dealing with this subject matter need not be unmitigated disasters as one past, very prolific, very bad author did his darnedest to prove to us.

Most of the problems that you see with this game are pretty typical of first-time authors, and since this was a first-time author, that's not terribly surprising. Now that he has gotten his feet wet I'm looking forward to his next attempt.

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