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Sex is Mental Reviews 
Author: Rabbi
Date: 2009

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by A. Ninny (Inside Erin: The AIF Community Newsletter Volume 5 Number 7 – July 2009)

Overview: You play a patient in a mental institution. You’re hot for a nurse and are about to get a new crazy roommate. You need to somehow use the roommate’s craziness to get in the nurse’s good graces.

Review: I had to suspend my disbelief in a big way just to get into the concept of this game. Usually I don’t have a problem with that – I’m good at immersing myself in even a simple game’s world, but in Sex
is Mental I was asked over and over to believe more and more unlikely and outlandish concepts as the game progressed. I’m a patient in a mental hospital and I have the hots for a nurse. I can easily buy that. I
get a new roommate who I manage to learn goes bonkers when he hears the word ‘taxi’. Well, ok…. keep going… Of course, I say ‘taxi’ and end up in the infirmary with said nurse who is suddenly eager to put
out. Riiight, I think you lost me along the way there, sonny. Sorry. There are just too many improbable things going on. Then some weird thing happens at the end that is so poorly explained that I can’t figure it
out. At least I made it to the end. The whole game is just tossed together from a shake of this and a dab of that, and the characters don’t offer much more conviction that they know why they’re there, either. Add to
these problems the fact that the ADRIFT coding is full of holes and that the spelling and grammar are pretty miserable, and you have a rather unsatisfactory experience.

Concept: D. If this game had limited the oddball ideas to just one, it could have been successful. It just asked me to accept too many.
Writing: C. I appreciated that there were a few humorous moments in the game that helped salvage the writing, but the concept dragged it down.
Characters: D. None of them came to life or seemed realized.
Sex: D. Unfortunately, the sex is very clipped. Precious little redemption here.
Technical. D. The game is buggy. There are a few guess-the-verb issues and lots of grammatical glitches.
Enjoyment. D. Not very enjoyable.


Reviewed by ExLibris (Inside Erin: The AIF Community Newsletter Volume 5 Number 7 – July 2009)

Somewhat disappointingly, this was the only game by a new author in this year’s minicomp. Rather more disappointingly, it also played very much like a first game as well, with a number of rookie mistakes on

As an example, on my first playthrough I got as far as the ward before giving up. The problem was that the description of the room failed to mention any of the objects within it. I did correctly guess that there was a
bed, which was described when examined (unlike either of the beds in the first room). The object that is needed to progress from this point is briefly mentioned in a cut scene, but unless you pick up on that clue
and investigate you’ll be a bit stuck. Like I was.

The second barrier is that even if you know you’re supposed to be looking for a glass of water, you won’t find it unless you ‘x glass of water’. Neither ‘glass’ or ‘water’ are apparently listed as synonyms for the
item. The third barrier is that old classic, ‘guess the verb’. You then have to do something with the glass of water, and it involves a specific verb and none other. Reasonable synonyms such as ‘push’ don’t work. To
be fair, these are the kind of mistakes that a first-time author is likely to make and they’re nothing that can’t be remedied with experience.

More subjectively, there were some formatting choices that made the game less readable for me. In particular there was an over-abundance of blank lines and white space. Another thing that I found interfered
with readability was prefixing each line of dialogue with the name of the person speaking it. That just looks weird to me, and made the dialogue seem even more stilted and artificial than it was. A number of the
games in the minicomp suffered from insufficient proof-reading, but this was the worst offender. I noticed many instances of missing punctuation, random capitalisation, typos and so on. Annoying, but reasonably
straight-forward to fix.

On the plus side, I thought the concept was an original one and quite well supported by some little touches in the writing. And all credit to the author for having the perseverance to finish writing his game. That’s
possibly the most important talent that an author needs, everything after that is just polish and can be learned. I hope the author is strong enough to take any criticism he receives and use it constructively in the
next game he produces.

Reviewed by Gary Plume (Inside Erin: The AIF Community Newsletter Volume 5 Number 7 – July 2009)

This was a weird twist on an old fantasy. What red-blooded male hasn't wanted a nurse fantasy? Even though we had very little interaction with the first NPC, I got some nice insight into the dog-eat-dog
institutional life and the craziness of the PC. I found this the weakest game in terms of technical implementation. What about groin as a synonym for balls? Annoying grammatical errors and inexplicably
capitalized words (Jacket, Guards, Corner, Dirty, Knock) bugged me. I got stuck in the ward and almost gave up trying to find a legitimate excuse for Mary to stay - I'm going to blame it on guess-the-verb and a
nearly invisible cup of water. Sex was okay, if somewhat perfunctory. Technical: Where's my bandage? In an empty room, I feel more acutely aware of the scarcity of resources. The least I should be able to do is
use the broom to sweep the floor, drink the water, lie on the bed, and masturbate. Some amusing bugs show up if you try doing some things with the NPC while she's out of the room.

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