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Regrets Reviews
Author: David Whyld
Date: 2005

Reviewed by Robert Street

This is a short review, but “Regrets” is only a short game. I was surprised to find a game with a smaller file size than my entry in the competition. Interestingly in the about section, it says that the game was written for a One Room comp, and it lives up to this with the action only taking place in one room. In fact, it isn't even a particularly full room, with only a couple of pieces of furniture. The aim of this game is that you are exploring the room and have to figure out how to trigger memories. The writing is fine, and the story is well done, but there really isn't much to this game. 

I managed to find most of the memories, but I felt that the drawer puzzle was a little unfair, as the solution did not occur to me until I looked at the walkthrough. I tried pulling the drawer aggressively or just hitting it, and I guess I just wouldn't open a drawer in that way. There is an annoying bug at the end, where the only command that works is south. Whilst I was playing, I couldn't figure out what to do when all that was being printed out was "The game has ended." to anything I typed in. The ending was clever though once I got there. 

Overall Regrets is fun for the short amount of time that it took to play. 

SCORE - 6/10

Review by phazonstorm

Well written.
Proof, if proof be needed, that David Whyld can write games other than OTT comedies. One of the few ’interactive stories’ that focus on plot and to heck with puzzles. All in all a success from Adrifts greatest contributor (game-wise).

Review by thatguy

A delightful game.
I enjoyed this game very much. It requires an eye for detail that you don’t come across very often; quite nice.

Review by Chenshaw

Well-written short game

This is a thoughtful game with a well-written narrative. A one-room game, you have to really focus on a few items to see what you can find and learn. I liked the feel of this game, although would have appreciated fuller descriptions of the room and objects.

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