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The Camping Trip Reviews 
Author: GoblinBoy
Date: 2006

What does AIF stand for? Adult Interactive Fiction. If you likely to be offended by games with sexual content, you are advised not
to open these files.

Reviewed by Grimm Sharlak

Basic Plot:

Playing the role of a teenager who’s just completed his driving test, you, your friend Mike and your respective girlfriends, Becky and Melissa, head out on a camping trip. The lack of adult supervision gives you ideas for finally scoring with Becky, while Mike and Melissa seem to be all over each other!

Things soon take a turn, however, as you and Mike enter a bet to see who can bed Becky first (just to encourage you, of course), with Melissa as fair game as well. The winner gets laid, the loser has to forfeit something to the winner…

Overall Thoughts:

GoblinBoy has made a worthy follow-up to The Baron’s Plot (although the real sequel is coming) with a game that while in a somewhat familiar setting; horny teens go off to camp, is an innovative and exciting game.


Camping Trip is never too taxing, puzzle wise, and the game flows nicely. The camping area is small and self-contained, and most puzzles are solved by knowing what to ask – indicated by
bolded text. As such, I was able to complete the game in quite an easy fashion, without any hold-ups to speak of.


While some might think that having only two girls in the game would limit things, but there are number of interesting situations, and both girls are built up as being highly desirable throughout the course of the game, and not to mention that the end game rewards are great…


The technical side of the game is handled well. The only bug I found (as this is version 1.3) was you could end up wearing both your swimming trunks and regular clothes at the same time. Not a problem except for in the game of spin the bottle, but still noticeable.


The aforementioned spin the bottle game can get a bit grating, especially if you’re going for the alternate plotlines.

The alternate plotlines, however, are handled well and I really enjoyed seeing them. Not to mention what happens if you choose to go to sleep at different times without anything interesting having happened with the girls yet…

Final Thoughts:

The Camping Trip, while short, is a fun little romp with a surprising amount of depth to it. Highly recommended.

Rating: A


Reviewed by BBBen (Inside Erin Volume 4 Number 5 - May 2008)

Basic Plot

You are going camping with your virgin girlfriend Becky, your best friend Mike, and his slutty girlfriend Melissa. Mike issues a challenge to you - each of you has to try and score with the other's girlfriend. Who will win, and who will claim Becky's virginity?

Overall thoughts

Despite the praise and awards that other games by GoblinBoy have achieved, this is actually my favourite of his games. It is, I think, the hottest one he's put together and as a consequence (and because of the branching story paths) I have replayed this one. There aren't too many AIF games that tend to warrant replay, so that's pretty high praise.

There's definitely a dark side to this game - it has the twisted and anti-romantic approach that GoblinBoy regularly employs, to give more of a depraved sexual thrill than a wholesome one. This is particularly embodied in the amount of sex the main character, potentially, watches his innocent girlfriend have with Mike. It's not the kind of thing that I've ever had the stomach to write myself, in past, but I can see why it's popular, and in many ways stands out among AIF games.


This game gives the player two main, branching story paths. This is very interesting, and probably the most impressive thing about the game. Figuring out the puzzles to advance the plot or choose the plot direction isn't too hard, but there are hidden things to find and a good level of interactivity.

There are some well executed moments, like the spin the bottle game, that mix up the conventional AIF SSS gameplay, and give different approaches to similar situations depending on the player's choices.


The sex is, unsurprisingly, the focus of the game. It works very well, though as I commented before it's a little bit more perverted than some AIF sex. The 'wife swapping' theme (though it's really girlfriend swapping, but you know what I mean) throughout the game is explored quite thoroughly, as well as a fair bit of teen/underage type sex. If those kinks work for you then this will be a very hot game; if not then I'd avoid it, as you're definitely going to run into stuff you won't enjoy, even on the 'good' path (where you win with Becky).

As I also said before, there's a lot of sex in the game, particularly at the end, incorporating a mix of traditional SSSs, restricted sexual situations, sex toys and a few commands that you cannot normally use in a game.


There may have been a few minor bugs in the first release, but as the game is quite sophisticated that's excusable, and I believe the latest version is technically clean. It's reasonably technically ambitious and still polished, so that's very good.


There's a definite feeling of the author being really inspired in the writing of this game, and that's very enjoyable to read. Of course, with the amount of content GoblinBoy has produced recently he doesn't seem to have much lack of inspiration, but this work is the one in which I particularly felt there were no real 'going through the motions' moments, that will tend to creep into a repeat author's games. This was GoblinBoy's second released game but apparently his first AIF project, so it has the freshness of someone coming newly to the scene with good ideas.

Final thoughts

Every new author that comes along and really makes a mark in AIF always has a few less inhibitions in certain areas than the authors that came before. This can unleash a floodgate of imitators in some cases as the community accepts that a certain kink is now okay. It hasn't happened too many times recently, and hasn't really happened even with GoblinBoy, but I definitely did get the feeling with The Camping Trip in particular that GoblinBoy was pushing certain boundaries that had grown up in AIF. He's pushed them further since, but to my mind this was the game that had the biggest impact.

I can't say that I really want to lose myself in GoblinBoy's world - it's too evil - but it's definitely hot, and that's really the most important thing. I debated whether to give this game an A+, but I think I'll leave that score open for GoblinBoy's works in progress, to give him something to shoot for... Anyway, top marks for effort, innovation and skill; this game is a keeper.

Rating: A



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