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Mystic Rhythms Reviews
Author: Ice
Date: 2018

Reviewed by Lhooq

How good to see a new full AIF game! The situation is quirky, fun, and allows for lots of sexy cut scenes and incidents around the main plot. Parser-based games like this I find far more immersive than any of the point-&-click or choice-based or stats-grindy games, and it's a real pleasure to get into this world. There's just enough scoring and mechanics that you can play that way, seeing development, if you prefer that to just wondering about the place seeing what happens. Some of the puzzles are pretty tough, I think.... even with the hints provided... but once you get the hang of how the world of the game works, things do get more of a flow. Found lots of events and a few endings but I know there's still lots I haven't seen, or other alternatives. Very highly recommended.

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