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ADRIFT entries in the various AIF competitions.

(AIF) What is AIF? It is Interactive Fiction for grownups and games will contain adult themes or situations. If you are likely to be offended by games with a sexual content, you are advised not to open these files.


2017 AIF Mini-comp
1st Sex on the Beach by Hanon Ondricek (HTML)
2nd The Swap by Broken Knight (TADS3)
3rd Control by Nicholas Wright (TADS3)
Seduce Code by Octarine Flash (ADRIFT 5.0)
Entrancing Fling by Lost Trout (HTML)
Evil on Queen Street by ArdRi Games (ADRIFT 5.0)
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Sneeze Comp 2015
1st Condomocium by Octarine Flash (ADRIFT 5.0)
2nd The Heir by Efon
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2014 AIF Mini-comp
1st Dinner Plans by AOneHitWonder, Reviews
2nd The Snowstorm by Anna Nee Moss
3rd Amy the Slut by Lost Trout
4th Friday Afternoon by Shannon O'Donnelly (Tie for 4th)
4th Lark Rise by Dr. Realgood (Tie for 4th)
4th One Last Pay Day by Louys Bilitis (Tie for 4th)
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2013 AIF Mini-comp
1st Spymaster of Tyria by Stormcage1
2nd Briar by Hanon Ondricek
3rd Nat Dewey and the Secret of Oak Cliffs by Lost Tolust
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2012 AIF Mini-comp
1st  A Dog's Life by Gary Plume
2nd Gifts of Phallius: The Final Sacrifice by GoblinBoy
3rd The After School Special by Armsteadhammerschlag, Reviews
4th The Drunken Harlot by kkennon, Reviews
5th Behavioral Psychology by Rip_CPU
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2011 AIF Mini-comp
1st Last Horizons by GoblinBoy (TADS 2)
2nd SS Whore by The Blue Satyr (ADRIFT 4), Reviews
3rd The Princess and the Dragon by RogueAIF (TADS 3)
4th Ashley's Story by Rip_CPU (Inform 7 - Blorbed Z code)
5th Buffy: Before the Date by Archer (ADRIFT 3.9), Reviews
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2010 AIF Mini-comp
1st Once Upon a Dream by Purple Dragon
2nd Entrancing Sin by Anonymous
3rd Redskirt by Begferdeth
4th Sibling Seduction by LordYoni, Reviews
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2009 Christmas Micro Comp (cancelled)
Intimate Encounters by Purple Dragon, Z-code
My Special Gift by A. Bomire, TADS
2 entries, Download Games

2009 AIF Mini-comp
1st  In Darkness by GoblinBoy, TADS
2nd The Mechano-Menace by A. Bomire, TADS, Reviews
3rd  Obedience by Rip_CPU, Z-code
4th  BSG: Twenty Two by Madquest8, ADRIFT 4.0, Reviews
5th  Prosperity of Cheaters by Rip_CPU, Z-code,
6th  Sex is Mental by Rabbi, ADRIFT 4.0, Reviews
6 entries, Download Games

BBBen's 2009 AIF Threesome Comp
xxth A Night With Dani and Liz by Rip_CPU, Z-code, Reviews

2008 AIF Mini-comp
1st  Winter Break by Dudeman, Z-code,
A Lady in Waiting by Knight Errant, TADS 3,
3rd  Riding Home by Raul, ADRIFT 4.0, Reviews
4th  Office Fantasy: Working Late by A. Bomire, TADS 2
Office Fantasy: The Boss' Wife by A. Bomire, TADS 2
A Night With Kes by Purple Dragon, Z-code
Bad Day to be a Princess  by Evil Bob, TADS 3
Lusty Lovers by Negative Slippy Slide, Z-code
9th  Sexual Awakening by Tanner V. Chorus, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
9 entries, Download Games

2007 AIF Mini-comp
1st  The Second Guest by GoblinBoy as "ShadowDance88", TADS 2, Reviews
2nd  A Goblin's Life by Burnout and BBBen, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
3rd   HORSE by A. Ninny, TADS 2, Reviews
4th   The Casabian Virus by GoblinBoy, TADS 2, Reviews
5th   Time in the Dark by Purple Dragon, Glulx, Reviews
6th   The Fiendish Revenge of Baron von Glockenspiel by Girion, TADS 3, Reviews
7th  Scandal on the Seven Seas by Faraday, ADRIFT 4.0, Reviews
8th  Plains of Fantasy by Paul Swift, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
9th   Lysistrata by Knight Errant, TADS 3, Reviews
10th   Flexibility by Fred Freeble, TADS 3, Reviews
11th   Hard Core by Hardcore IF, Z-code, Reviews
12th   Stalker Neighbor by Snouff Man, RAGS , Reviews
12 entries, Download Games

2006 AIF Mini-comp
1st   WWE – RAW’s New GM by A. Bomire, TADS 2, Reviews
2nd  Detention by Inkybus, TADS 2, Reviews
3rd  A Dream Come True by Purple Dragon, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
4th  The Clairvoyant by Priapus Rex, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
5th  Warlock by Christopher Cole, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
6th  Shamelessly Slutty: Teacher by Rip_CPU, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
7th   Super Blow by Herrdu, Z-code, Reviews
8th   Neon Genesis Evangelion: Nightmares by der’morat’aman, TADS 3, Reviews
8 entries, Download Games

CCAB Comp 2005
Christopher Cole's and A. Bomire's AIF Competition 2005

1st  The Sex Artist by A. Ninny, TADS 2, Reviews
2nd  Lauren's Awakening by TotalDirt2000, ADRIFT 4.0, Reviews
3rd  Those Annoying Aliens by Evil Bob, TADS 3
3 entries, Download Games

A. Bomire's 2004 Mini-Comp
1st Normville High by BBBen, ADRIFT, Reviews
2nd  (joint) Escape Pod by Love Letters to Love, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
2nd  (joint) Parlour by A. Ninny, TADS
3rd  Freshman Orientation by Villainy, ADRIFT 4.0, Reviews
4th  (joint) Gotcha by Ruok, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
4th  (joint) Reflections by Timberwulf, TADS, Reviews
4th  (joint) The Corruption of Alex by Dr FanFic, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
5th  The Oval Office by Faraday, ADRIFT 4.0, Reviews
6th  Breakout by Grimm Sharlak, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
7th  Truck by Sly Dog, ADRIFT 4.0, Reviews
8th  To Score Or Not To Score by David Whyld, ADRIFT 4.0, Reviews
9th  The Prostitute by Anonymous Martian, ADRIFT 4.0, Reviews
10th  Late Work by Vachon, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
10 entries, Download Games

2003 Christopher Cole's AIF Mini Comp
1st  Last Minute Gift  byA. Bomire, TADS 2, Reviews
2nd  Amy And The Raging Hormones by Snarfbert, ADRIFT 4,0 Reviews
3rd  Salvation by Lying Bastard, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
4th  Kissing Cousins by Sphynx, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
5th  Becky by Optimus, TADS 2, Reviews
6th  Planescape: Encounters 1 by Massassi Cheralol, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
7th  Interlude in Nuln  by The Joker, TADS 2, Reviews
8th  Time by Wotan-Anubis, ADRIFT 3.9, Reviews
9th  Eva's Secret by Cauldron, ADRIFT 4.0, Reviews
9 entries, Download Games

2002 AIF Pre-Comp
1st  Memories are Made of These by Optimus, TADS
The Love Doctor by Cyber Lord, TADS
Quest for The Whorehouse Queen by Mister Spatula, TADS
3 entries, Download Games

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