ADRIFT Intro Comp 2005

The Challenge

The challenge is to come up with a brilliant beginning to an Adrift game that is in a working playable form. This must really make the player want to actually continue with the rest of the game, if it existed.  So, it is a competition for games that are just an introduction using no more than 3 locations and is all about good writing rather than loads of actions/puzzles


Entries should be in by 21st May with judging taking place soon after.

This competition will be just for the pleasure of beating everyone else (if the comp is successful next time it will be for cash money!)

The Rules

Your entry should have no more than 3 rooms as counted in the ADRIFT Generator.


Sound or graphics are allowed and entries should not have a password.

It is important that the entry should pass all the normal Adrift website and forum rules and regulations (because they will be posted on it).

You can enter as many times are you like and can be made with either Adrift v3.9 or v4. Contributors may also be judges and guess what? You must not judge your own entries.

There must be at least two entries or it will be no fun at all.

Entry and judging
Entries should be sent to me at by 10.00pm GMT 21st May with judging taking place soon after.


When voting you award 3 points to your favourite entry, 2 to your second and 1 to your third. You should only have one thing in mind when judging, "Does the intro make me want to play game?"